Whether you are looking to create a garment from scratch or just sew on a missing button, sewing remains a very useful skill to have. Learning how to sew, however, can be an intimidating and frustrating experience—whether you’re a complete newbie learning to stitch or an expert teaching yourself a new technique. To make learning how to sew more accessible, we created an app to help guide sewers through the process and provide the resources for a holistic engagement with the craft.


Wentin Zhang

My Role

  • Secondary and Market Research
  • Documenting community needs and ask
  • Defining use case & scenario
  • Branding and Visual Design
  • Low and high fidelity wireframes
  • Concept development
  • Prototyping and usability testing


Awanee Joshi, Hillary Soletic


According to Vogue Business, young people are increasingly interested in customizing, up-cycling and reconstructing clothes amid Covid-19, as shown by a spike in up-cycling, resale and increased consumption of DIY clothing supplies.

of consumers planned to spend less on clothes in 2020.
The diagram to the right depicts a steady increase in American searching for "sewing classes near me," according to Google Trends.
How might we help sewers of varying experience levels have a better learning experience?

User Persona

Based on our secondary and primary research we created a user persona to document the frustrations and goals of our user

User Journey Map

To understand and document the problem areas and opportunities we mapped Annie's Journey before, during and after a sewing experience

Problems and Opportunities

Machine Set-up
Difficult to remember machine set up and trouble shooting issues

Learning & Practice
Feeling lost about learning and practicing techniques and processes

Material Exploration
Finding affordable and suitable materials for projects

Discovery & Inspiration
Discovering new techniques, patterns and finding inspiration

Wireframes and User-flows

Based on our opportunity areas we started by creating user-flows for community, courses, library and machine set-up.

User Testing

After creating a quick prototype we tested our concept with two users to validate our navigation tab, test the onboarding flow and find any missed edge case scenarios. We got the following feedback -

Visual Design

The visual design communicates the brand's personality of being approachable yet elegant with vintage underpinnings.


Customized Content

Onboarding to get customized suggestions based on preferences

Community Connections

Get ideas and inspiration from your community based on your interests.

Explore your options

Get specific instructions based on your machine, material and stitch type

Set-up check

Set up your machine together with Stitchio's step by step video content.

Learn and practice

Find courses based on your interests.


Way Forward

  • Test updated prototypes with each type of 4 types of sewers (currently only have feedback from bookends: Complete Newbie & Expert)
  • Build out Community Profiles and how users understand and interact with them
  • Test new “Dictionary” tab; does new verbiage make sense? Build out screen showing the description of a given material
  • Observe Machine Set-up Check with 4 sewer types; validate if it’s necessary or if other sewing pointers would be more helpful

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