Only Murders in the City

Only Murders in the City is an AR murder mystery game that's played by visiting different locations in NYC. The inspiration for this game came from the NYT true crime podcast Serial by Sarah Koenig. Similar to how Sarah discusses various aspects of Adnan Syed's case in every episode, the game progresses as you find clues related to different parts of the mystery and solve that aspect of the crime. Every location has a landmark that, when scanned using the app, reveals clues hidden in that location.


Diamond Ho

Concept Video

User Personas

Based on ten interviews and some secondary research I divided my target users into three broad archetypes of the different types of game players. For my solution I focused on 'Samantha the Social Butterfly' and 'Ethan the Explorer'.

User Journey Map

In order to define and consider the game touch-points I mapped out the user journey and created a storyboard keeping in mind the archetype Samantha.


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