Bloom mimics your hand gesture to weave a hypnotic movement in the origami flowers as a kinetic response. Interact with Bloom by placing one hand parallel to the origami flower. Use ‘open’ and ‘close’ hand gestures to stimulate a response. For a seamless interaction, wait for seconds before changing hand gestures.


Eric Forman, Carrie Kengel, Bruno Kruse

My Role

  • Prototyping gear mechanism
  • CAD for lasercutting parts
  • Arduino - coding and circuit building
  • p5.js - hand-tracking serial communication
  • Assembly of mechanism


Awanee Joshi, Leah How, Roshel Chawla, Sukky Yan

Concept Drawings

From our inspirations, we managed to create a concept drawing that stayed true to our vision. Initially, we were looking to have the amount of people as the input of the installation. However, after multiple rounds of ideation, we decided that it’ll be best to have our input as a single individual’s hand gesture.

Input + Output

Materials: 4 Fintech Servo Motors, 2 18x24 white acrylic sheets, 1 Next-go web camera, 2 Metal L stand, 8 flat head screws, 24 bolts, LED strip, 1 MDF board, 1 wooden box, 1 Arduino board, 1 breadboard, and 2 18x24 paper sheets.

Programs: Arduino program, P5.js, and Handtrack.js

CAD Drawing

Behind the scenes

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