Moody AI

Moody AI was a speculative design project that explored shopping in 2031. With devices becoming more intelligent every day, our dependence on people has reduced. For example, GPS has taken over wayfinding. It tells you everything anywhere. But what happened to making friends on the way? Now imagine the world of 2030. Shopkeepers are replaced with artificial intelligence. You no longer have to rely on the person at the counter. You ask the AI for what you need; it gives you the things, you pay, and you leave.


Jon Rogers, Sriram Shashank, Jens Eswald

My Role

  • Prototyping gear mechanism
  • CAD for lasercutting parts
  • Arduino - coding and circuit building
  • p5.js - hand-tracking serial communication
  • Assembly of mechanism


Awanee Joshi, Vaidehie Chiplunkar


We imagined an AI that would give you the experience of dealing with the unpredictability of shopping. We tried visualizing all these situations with a moody AI through a storyboard

Initial Prototype

We tried to tell our story first by making quick prototypes using the Arduino with lights and a servo motor.

AI Listening
AI Saying No
AI Talking
AI Saying Yes

Final Prototype Video

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